Visiting the team in Kenya…

This February, I was in Kenya for two weeks. I met with Sisternet women in Nairobi twice and, I can assure you, they are dedicated and they are doing a great job. Since reproductive health issues are taboo, they make an effort in getting a good report with the girls. And they succeed. On the other hand, this creates a situation where the girls can bring up other urgent questions that the team leaders sincerely try to address. We talked about these challenges that the team leaders face and the need to find ways to solve these serious issues one by one. For instance, while I was there, a female doctor was asked to assist girls in cases like early pregnancy and other reproductive health issues. I would not be surprised if solutions to other challenges are presently tried out.

I really appreciated being able to meet the girls in the schools in two informal settlements. They told me their goals in life and they have high aspirations, they want to become doctors, lawyers, journalists, nurses. School starts at 7 or 8 in the morning and goes on until 5 in the afternoon. We met on a Saturday and they were brought out from class to our meeting. They told me some of their challenges. Even though I am used to listening to strong life stories, with some girls and being in their environment, it did hurt to hear what they are facing. It became even more obvious how important the menstruation cup is for them to improve life.
I brought 50 menstruation cups to Nairobi. The girls will be on vacation in March and then they will meet with the team leaders doing a picnic in a park. There they will receive the cup.

This project is implemented by local women who know the prerequisites, the target, the demands etc on life in an informal settlement. We all cooperate and it is fantastic to take part in such important work, to be a member of Sisternet.

Written by

Eva Lundbäck


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