A learning experience

It has been a very exciting journey for us here in Sweden and for our coordinator, our team leaders and the participating school girls in Kenya. It has been a learning experience for Sisternet in implementing and working with menstrual cups as an entry point to having girls discuss about their menstruation and reproductive health.

Our pilot project is nearly completed now, and we are busy with evaluating and fundraising for the next phase of the project. This also entails discussing further collaboration with different organisations that have similar goals.

The overall response from the participating schoolgirls has been very positive.School girls

Team leaders in discussions

Along the way, we have acquired new knowledge and faced different challenges. We have encountered stigmatization and taboos sorrounding menstruation that hinder women’s empowerment. It has become clear to us that in the next phase of our project we need to further adress these issues by means of more training on Reproductive and Womens Rights .


One Comment on “A learning experience”

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