Sistercup Kicks off successful in the slums of Nairobi

The Sisternet pilot project “Sistercup” kicked off successfully in December 2010 after fundraising for 125 menstrual cups from friends and families in Sweden. The project was received with lots of enthusiasm and energy in Kenya, at that time we had three members of Sisternet in Kenya who  introduced the project to the curious team leaders. Our partnering organisation Human Rights City had already identified 10 team leaders who were going to work in Korogocho and Maili Saba slum in Nairobi.

On the 8th of december we had an introduction meeting with the team leaders, they were very curious about how menstrual cups worked and especially because it was the first time that most of them heard about them. During the meeting, the team leaders asked many questions about the menstrual cup and it safety and general questions of how to use and clean the cup. We answered their questions by going through the guidelines that we had prepared for them. The team leaders also underwent a one-day dialogue circle workshop, to equip them with different methods for having fruitful discussions with the girls. After the training the team leaders were each given a menstrual cup. After having used the menstrual cup for a month, we received a feedback from the team leaders that served as an eye opener to us.

The 10 teamleaders in Nairobi after the introduction meeting

During the end of January 2011, 50 girls from 10 different schools aged from 15-18 were identified and given menstrual cups. Our team leaders are holding dialogue circles with them about reproductive health, sanitation and their experiences on the usage of the menstrual cup.

We are still gathering the girls experiences and at the same time in the process of fundraising to be able to have more trainings and dialogue circles gathering on Reproductive health and Menstrual cups to Korogocho and Maili Saba community. We will give out the other 50 Menstrual cups after the completion of the first phase with the 50 girls that we are currently working with.



4 Comments on “Sistercup Kicks off successful in the slums of Nairobi”

  1. Alice Irene says:

    Hello! This is an incredible project, and I thank you for all of your hard work.
    May I ask what brand of cup you are donating? I am engaged in a similar project, and would be interested to know.


  2. Dear Helen,

    So excited to see that you have initiated this project in Kenya. We are a Non profit organization working for the past 21 years with children at risk in South-Africa, Lesotho and Zambia. We are in the process of setting up a pilot project in one of our Cape Towns townships. We have written an article for a newsletter and mentioned that you have initiated a similar project in Kenya. We would love to hear what your findings are and we would like to ask you if you would grant us permission to use the photo which is on your site of the team leader in Nairobi to show that women in Africa are starting to make use of the products. We will acknowledge your organization and the work that you do in Kenya.

    Looking forward hearing from you.


    Aukje Brouwer
    Beautiful Gate

  3. Angie says:

    Hello Cup Sisters!!!!

    This project sounds quite amazing, love receiving new info on the final results of this study.
    Congratulations!!! And lots of success!

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